5 Fantastic Guides for Mums in Business

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Being a mom and a business woman can be daunting. It is one of the hardest things you can do. Every one desires to succeed in the business world. With the advancement in technology, you should keep up with the pace, since technology is also an essential tool in business. Being a mother is a full-time job and combining the task with doing business, it can be tough. The mums in business should follow particular tips to help them succeed.

Below are the guides you can use to assist you in your business.

1.Set Realistic Goals

Well, it is the ultimate desire of every entrepreneur to succeed in the business world. Setting goals are one of the crucial steps you should consider. We live in the world where everyone has a tight schedule. Sometimes you will have a lot of jobs to do. You will fail to reach the targets but don’t despair. The best thing you can do is to have a to-do list.


List what you want to do and a flexible timetable. Mark what you have achieved and then proceed into writing what you would want to achieve the coming day. That way, you will manage to plan for your time, and you will not feel overwhelmed.

2.Schedule for Your Time

For mums in business, the tasks can be daunting. It is not a 9-5 job, and at times it becomes hard to concentrate on others. Due to much pressure to ensure that you rise ranks in your business, you will tend to work more hours and get overwhelmed. In your schedule, ensure that you have a scheduled time for yourself. Have an occasional hour to do something that will help you to feel lighter and also helps in clearing your mind. It could be a walk, time to play with your baby or even some physical exercises.

It will help you feel rejuvenated and also to improve your productivity.

3.Power Hours

Procrastination is a hard habit to overcome. The thought of being your boss will tend to make you procrastinate many tasks. But if you are willed to succeed, you need to come up with a tactic that will help you to overcome it. Have power hours! Have a list that you write the tasks that you want to perform in an hour. Set the alarm, turn off your phone, close the social media and the e-mails.


After the lapse of the one hour, take a break of around 20 minutes, and you will be surprised how much you can achieve. Discipline is the vital tool when it comes to business.

4.Team Up with Other Mums

Other mums in business know the struggle to taking care of kids and doing business at the same time. During school holidays and weekends, you will not be alone in the juggle struggle. It is, therefore, crucial to know the mothers in the school and probably create a friendship. You can come up with an idea of the kids sharing the childcare at a small fee.

It will enable you have you kids well taken care of and at the same time have a chance to concentrate on your business. Have a timetable on a rotational basis with the partnered parents.

5.Delegate Tasks

Remember you cannot be superwoman. You cannot do all things by yourself. You will either succeed on one and fail on another, or both! Scary, right? Well, write a list of all the tasks you perform in your business, from the hard to the lighter duties. You can complete the hard tasks and delegate some to someone.


You can also get someone to help you in washing and cleaning as you work on your business. For the moms in the freelance industry, you can train someone and delegate some work to ease the workload. Just be organised, and you will be amazed how you will manage to run things smoothly.


The rules of success have never changed. You must be disciplined, organised and determined. Work hard and work smart and the results will be impeccable. As mums in business, it is time to fold the sleeves. It may be double work, but you will get double results!

What’s Next?

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