General Questions

The total amount you can borrow depends on a number of factors. We analyze all these to determine the health of your business and then give you a figure that you quality for.

Absolutely. We do not charge you anything for paying your loan earlier than expected. In fact, doing so could bump up your credit score meaning you could qualify for a higher amount next time.

We understand that circumstances change, and we always strive to be as flexible as possible. But that would depend on a number of factors. To know if your loan can be refinanced, please get in touch with us.

You can apply for an unsecured loan whenever you need money fast. We have no rule for when you should apply because we know you can never anticipate when you will need prompt financial assistance.

Because terms are usually less than 12 months there are no interest charged. Instead we offer a factor rate. A factor rate is expressed as a decimal figure not a percent. It varies based on your industry, how long you have been in business, the health of your cash flow and other factors. When a factor rate is used, interest is charged to the principal when the loan is originated, it doesn’t compound.

We know fees can be confusing so we made it simple and transparent – there are no hidden fees and the amount due from day one includes the establishment fee. There are no additional fees (excluding any late payment or default fees) and no penalties for early repayment.

About Cashtech

Our offices are located at 102/29-31 Lexington Drive, Bella Vista. You can get in touch with us here. We usually respond within 24 hours.

We have 3 main financial products at the moment. These are Business Loans, Vendor Finance, and Equipment Finance. If you need any other type of business financing, please feel free to get in touch with us so we can find the best way to assist you.

We are a financial services company focused on helping small businesses secure funding. We provide a fast and secure means for you to get unsecured business loans when you need a financial boost fast.

For loans less than 50,000 you will be required to submit a filled loan application form, drivers licence, and a 6-months bank statement for your business account.

For loans above 50,000, you will be required to submit a filled loan application form, drivers licence, 12 months bank statement for your business account, the most recent P&L financials and current receivables.

After You Apply

We will provide you a response within a few hours – if you apply during standard business hours and allow us to use an advanced bank verification system link to instantly verify your bank information online. If you choose to upload copies of your bank statements we can provide a decision in as little as one business day.

This is a tool that helps customers determine the true value of a loan. It takes into consideration factors like interest rate, fees, and loan charges and outputs a percentage rate that customers can use to compare different loan offers from different lenders.

The amount of money you apply for will depend on your business needs. We will then access how much you can borrow after you apply. See ‘How much can I borrow’ above.

After You Are Approved

We know how important your business is to you, and also understand how urgently you need the cash. We therefore work hard to ensure that the money is available to you as fast as possible. This is normally within hours of your loan request being approved.

Typically, between 3 and 12 months

We offer transparency in all our financial transactions and therefore have no hidden fees whatsoever. All fees and charges are calculated before the loan is issued. The amount due therefore, is inclusive of all fees applicable. No additional fees or penalties will be imposed.