Easy Application Process

After completing online application, you will need to also provide:

1. Driver’s license number.

2. ABN of your business.

3. Banking details (BSB and Account Number for your main trading account).

Two ways to provide banking details:

Grant us access to use a bank verification system link to verify your bank information instantly online; or you can provide PDF copies of your bank statements (six months of statements) using an upload link we give you.

Simple Steps to Applying

Our application process is simplified. It takes just minutes to complete online and no mountain of paper work to contend with so you can get on with growing your business.

1. Apply in Minutes

Complete the online unsecured business loan form. Or call our toll-free number: 1800 CASH TECH (1800 227 483).

2. Fast Decision

We work hard to give you feedback on the state of your loan application. Typically, within 24 hours. Remember we’ll require 1. Your driver’s license, 2. Your ABN and 3. Your bank details (BSB and account number).

3. Access Funds

Have your money credited to your account once your loan application has been approved. Usually within 24 hours of approval.

Why We're Different

Our loan application process is simple, straightforward, and haste-free. You therefore get funds fast when you need it most.

Fast, Friendly Service

Our team is professional, fast and friendly, and will offer you the best service.

About Cashtech

High Approval Rate

Overall, we boast a high approval rate, which means a high chance of getting financial assistance.

Client Stories

Small Business Expertise

We are experts in business finance, and understand the hassles involved.

Best Partners

Our Success Stories

We have helped thousands of Australian businesses access funding to grow their business and manage cash flow.

“When you’re growing a business, you need money for different areas of growth as you progress. I had been given so many opportunities I had to say no to…because I couldn’t afford to supply the stock and wait for the account to be paid.”

Matt Graham

Business Loan

“I was talking to the gentlemen who organised my car finance and he suggested Cashtech. So I applied and it was the very next day she called me and said I’ve got good news for you, you’ve got your money! How good is that?!”

Nyoli Scobie

Equipment Finance

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