5 Reasons Your Small Business May Need A Loan

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In an ideal world, businesses would be self-sufficient and have no need to take out loans. Loans are expensive and increases a company’s risk, but then again, are inevitable.

Taking business loans helps you make changes in your company that would have otherwise been impossible. Here are 5 reasons why taking a small business loan may be necessary.

1. To increase inventory

Inventory is one of the most difficult to manage, and most expensive aspects of a business. This is because you need to invest on the products you will sell before your customers buy them. In addition, you need to constantly replenish your inventory to keep up with demand, which could prove to be a mountainous task for small businesses.

The problem is compounded when your business is of a seasonal nature. This is because you need to purchase large amounts of inventory before the season begins without seeing a return on the investment.

To avoid hurting your business’ cash flow, it becomes necessary to take out loans to help with the purchase of the inventory before eventually making a profit off of it.

2. To buy equipment

It is necessary for every business to have equipment that enable it perform a service, or make a product. In many cases, operating without the equipment is not an option. Unfortunately, equipment is quite expensive, and purchasing it could break a company’s budget.

On the other hand, operating with faulty equipment in an effort to reduce expense that would otherwise be incurred by purchasing a new one can increase your liability and cost more long-term.

Taking out a loan will help you improve your business offering resulting in happier customers. It also reduces the financial strain on your company when buying the piece of equipment, and helps you remain at par with the latest technology.

3. To expand operations

It is the wish of every business owner to grow their business, and growth opportunities are always received with open arms. Expanding your business when it is booming will also help you ensure continuity and prevent your profits from plateauing.

Expanding a business is not a cheap affair though. It comes with a bunch of additional costs like advertising, acquiring new property, renovating existing office spaces, and increasing staff numbers. For small businesses, it is very unlikely that you will have enough cash on hand to cater for all the needs that will surely arise.

Loans are therefore, the only way you can successfully cover the costs of expanding your small business without breaking the bank. In the end, your customers remain happy and your business continues to grow.

4.To build credit history

If you project that your business will require a large loan in the future for upgrading purposes, buying new equipment, or some other reason, taking a small loan first could prove to be a great idea especially if you do not have any credit history.

The first small business loan you take will most likely have less than ideal terms. The idea for taking a small first loan is it is better to have these terms on a small loan than on a large loan. When you pay off the small loan fast, you increase your chances of getting a better deal when you eventually need a bigger loan.

5. To increase working capital

Working capital or cash flow can prove to be a big challenge for your small business. This is especially true if you have a lot of unsold inventory, or are working with clients who do not pay in time. Factoring in operational costs of paying your employees, utilities, and rent, only compounds the problem.

Taking out loans to increase the working capital of your business is therefore important as it will help your business remain operational and prevent stalling because of lack of money. With time, as the business grows, you will have an easier time as your assets will start earning money that will eliminate the need for such loans.

A business taking on unnecessary debt is akin to suicide, but there are times when taking a loan is the only way to keep your business afloat. It the end, it is always about weighing the potential benefit of the loan against the risk. If it has the potential of growing your revenue, then it is a good idea to take it.


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